The security team of cyscon GmbH requests you to remove/review the following file from/on your servers. It has been marked as malicious by our Cyber Threat Detection System:

- The incident could not be found

To solve the issue and to reset the blacklisting, we kindly ask you to follow these instructions:

  1. Please check if your machine has been compromised and is now being used by intruders for malicious activities, or if a legitimate user is engaged in activity that is in violation of your terms of service agreement. Further details and advisories can be found here:
  2. Review the above mentioned URL and remove the offending content.
  3. Is the incident already solved? Simply visit the following URL to trigger a rescan.

SECURITY ADVISORY: Please advise your customer or web developer, alongside any other parties that might have visited the compromised website recently, to visit, as it is likely that at least one of your PCs is infected with malware. Our online service offers you a free security audit of your PC as well as free tools to remove harmful software.

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